It is that time of year again, time to think about your charity work for the upcoming snowmobile season.  Last year we reported $3,142,139.08 in charity donations nationwide.  This is an impressive number, but it only represented 25% of the clubs in our states, provinces and territories. These charity totals are a tool that the International Snowmobile Council uses to get the word out about snowmobiler’s charitable activities, showing the positive side of our sport and that snowmobilers have a special spirit of giving. 


Whether it be involvement in a major fundraiser, collecting can goods for your local food pantry, or filling sandbags for your neighbor, these are worthwhile causes. Last year many of you did community litter walks or helped with search & rescue efforts and helped with local service projects. This not only helps out our communities but helps to build a positive image of the snowmobiling community.


It doesn’t mater how little you do or how much, every amount is helpful. I would like to thank the clubs that submitted reports last year and encourage the rest of you to get involved this year and submit a report. Your report is important.

Please keep track of your club’s charitable functions from March to April of each snowmobile season. To make the job easier, it may help to have someone in your club assigned to keep track of your charitable contributions so you’re not trying to figure it out at the end of the year. There are so many charitable causes that can use your help. Together we can make a big difference in many lives. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns.


Use the Individual Snowmobile Club Form for gathering the information.  If we all use the same system, it makes it easy to pass on our collected data.  

ISSA Individual Snowmobile Club form.doc

The second page for calculating your totals.

ISSA Charity club form.doc


Email your completed form to Caroline Riggs, our charity chair at

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