Sandpoint Winter Riders, Inc.

Last Updated: March 7, 2019


Sandpoint Winter Riders is on Facebook at


View the Sandpoint & Bonners Ferry Groomer Report for our areas on the old ISSA website at under Groomer Reports tab.

Register your over-snow vehicles for Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation Areas 9B (East Bonner County) or 11 (Boundary County) to support this area.  Lake Pend Oreille Region snowmobile trail maps are available at area dealerships and Forest Service offices.


CLUB MEETINGS: The first Wednesday of each month. 6 pm Dinner. 7 pm Meeting November through March.  Come & enjoy the club meeting.  The current meeting location is at Sweet Lou's upstairs conference room on Highway 95 north of Ponderay just past the Schweitzer Cut-Off Road.

Contact the Winter Riders at:

P.O. Box 593

Sandpoint, Idaho 83864


CLUB EVENTS: Upcoming Fun 2018-2019

Saturday March 9, 2019 - Johnson Creek BBQ: between Johnson Saddle and Delyle Forks


TBD - Trail Clean Up Day 2019: Meet at 8:30 at the North 40 parking lot


TBD - Warming Hut Work Day at Moose Creek Hut (repair, improvement, & firewood stocking)


Please remember many of the trailheads are located near or on private property.  Please park appropriately.  Do not park on posted private property.  Do not block turnarounds, driveways, or the road.

The snowplow turnaround at Trestle Creek Road is located on PRIVATE PROPERTY. It is posted NO TRESPASSING. Anyone parking there is subject to being TOWED and/or CITED. Please respect the landowner’s private property and stay out. NO PARKING THERE!

Moose Creek Warming Hut (in the Trestle/Lightning Area):

GPS Coordinates: 48.377103, 116.159960

Please remember if you Pack It In - Pack It Out.  Don't leave your trash for others.

Be cautious - the restroom floor is very slick. 


Avalanche Awareness:

Classes, Websites, etc.  - Contact US Forest Service (Kevin Davis) 208-265-6686

or Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation 208-769-1511 or the Idaho Panhandle Avalanche Center.


Avalanche Forecasts at


USFS Winter Travel Planning is to get underway (again) soon.  Please participate to keep open our riding areas.

Check back for updates.



Here is our club membership application.  Print out this page and send it out or copy and paste and print to send in your membership.  Or just send your check to the P.O. Box with your contact information.





Sandpoint Winter Riders, Inc &

Idaho State Snowmobile Association


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Please make check payable to Sandpoint Winter Riders, Inc., and mail to: 

Sandpoint Winter Riders, Inc.

P.O. Box 593, Sandpoint, ID  83864



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